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Social Local patented location data for brands. Social Local is the leader in outdoor location and user data acquisition providing precise, real-time, data outside-of-app data for marketing in the moment.
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Comprehensive User/Device Metrics

Social Local's patented telemetry technology tracks user demographics dynamically out-of-app and in in real-time with up to 3' targeted location precision.

Real-Time Location Data

Our network globally communicates with every WiFi device in proximity to our beacons offering precision data and marketing solutions for your brand like never seen before.

Share Insights for Marketing in the Moment

We offer insight to customer behaviors and migratory patterns based on the places folks go and with whom. Let us show you how to influence target consumers and leverage our technology for your brand.

Leaders in Data Since 2001

Social Local has been a leader since 2001 in providing advanced technology for tracking mobile customers and collecting their location and user demographic information. We’ve installed our networks in many high profile locations such as the US Capitol and Senate Building, the DC Smithsonian Museum Complex, dozens of major US Airports and Arenas including three NFL stadiums in anticipation of the Super Bowl. Mobile customer information, including location, is critical for targeting mobile ads, which is the fastest growing segment of advertising, growing at 45% to $40 billion in 2016—current mobile location tracking, outside of GPS capabilities, is of limited use for delivering mobile ads.


Social Local’s data is so accurate that we offer a look into real-time customer demographics that drills down to city, street, migratory and directional patterns, and user device pairing patterns.


Interested? Contact us today!

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